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Not too long ago i went to the grass restaurant in miami and i got this tall skinny waitress , at first she was nice but then she started giving us attitude like if she was in a rush and my fiance had to tell her something and asked her name ( carmen martinez) when she brought us the food she said i hope you liked my spit in your food.i was thinking of suing the place. still thinking about it , unless the restaurant fires her then ill be happy and i wont sue.Thank you very much for this page


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A month ago I was on a trip to Miami and I had a horrible time with the restaurant's rude manager. I wanted to complain about their mislabeled vegan burger. I had previously talked to the waitress to make sure it was vegan, and she said it was.

When it came, it was an omelet burger, just like you described on your article. It came with a layer of cheese, and the buns where made with eggs. Oh yeah, all I could eat was the leaf of lettuce (only 1) plus 2 slices of tomato, for more than $10! I wanted to explain them what VEGAN is, and that they must at least correct their menu for the next consumers, but the manager didn't let me speak, she was all the time hostile and shouting at me in the middle of the restaurant, in front of other customers, and shouted outbursting "go out of here, and never show your face again".

I really want to sue her on the ground of pain and suffering.


"LA BARRA, 17032 Collins Ave, Sunny Isles, FL 33160"

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